Missionary Health Insurance
Travel Medical Insurance for Mission Trips Worldwide

Missionary Health Insurance for Mission Trips Worldwide


Missionary Health Insurance Plans

Missionary health insurance plans provide travel medical coverage for international mission trips as short as a few days or up to three years in length. Short-term mission trip insurance plans suit the need for overseas missionary work that is less than one year’s duration. If the missionary will be outside his or her home country for more than one year, than a long-term missionary medical insurance plans offering global coverage is better suited.

International travel may take you through exotic locales with green jungles, abundant wildlife, striking landscapes, etc. However, some of the most beautiful countries in the world, have an unpleasant side of life with poverty, war, terrorism, political unrest, hopeless economics with little scope for improvement. Missionaries dedicate themselves in reaching out to these societies by providing spiritual and physical support. If your international outreach is short-term or long-term, your objective to maximize the experience and provide the security needed in such adverse surroundings. We offer several international medical plans from top-rated providers that are tailored to meet the needs of mission sending organizations, churches and missionaries.  

International Travel & Medical Insurance for Missionaries

Outreach Travel Medical Insurance

Outreach Travel Medical Insurance is specifically designed for missionaries in a foreign country on mission work. Plan provides comprehensive mission insurance coverage for Missionary visitors with a wide range of benefits for members and their dependants traveling with them. Addresses the insurance needs of U.S. citizens and non-U.S. nationals who need temporary medical insurance while traveling for international outreach mission work anywhere outside of their home country.

Outreach Group Travel Medical Insurance

Outreach Group Travel Medical Insurance is similar to the Outreach Travel Medical Insurance policy. This group travel medical option for mission trips provides coverage for groups of five or more missionaries who need temporary medical insurance while traveling for mission work outside of the U.S. and anywhere outside their home country.

Global Mission Medical Insurance

Global Mission Medical Insurance (GMMI) is an flexible, long-term, annually renewable, U.S.-style major medical insurance plan designed for U.S citizens living abroad or non-U.S. nationals throughout the world. GMMI provides long-term international health insurance coverage designed to meet the needs of missionaries in any foreign destination country and satisfies the missionary requirements.

Atlas Travel Insurance

Atlas Travel Insurance is a leading visitor travel medical insurance plan for visitors to the US or going abroad to any foreign nation. Atlas Travel Medical Insurance is designed to take the risk out of international travel and includes coverage for Acts of Terrorism, complications of pregnancy and incidental trips home.

Liaison Majestic Insurance

Liaison Majestic Insurance that covers missionaries who travel outside home country for 5 days and up to 364 days (1 year) of coverage for non-US citizens visiting the United States or USA citizens or other nationals traveling overseas to a foreign country.

Liaison Continent Insurance

Liaison Continent Insurance provides protection to missionaries who are citizens of any nation when traveling away from home, for visitors to USA and international travelers. Liaison Continent Insurance is renewable and offers 187 days of coverage. Pre-existing Condition coverage for acute onset, the plan provides variable lifetime pre-ex condition coverage based on the maximum medical selected.